Develop games on Windows 10

With Xbox Live, Xbox on Windows, the power of DirectX 12, and Xbox Play Anywhere, Windows games thrill millions of players worldwide.

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Create a Windows 10 game

Download, tools, and information you need to start developing your Windows 10 game.

User interface basics, design principles, layout guidelines, templates, and more.

A full library of documentation and technical information for Windows 10 development.

Programs and partnerships to help you publish your game in the Windows Store, for phone, PC, and Xbox One.

Universal Windows Platform

The new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) delivers compatibility for your game across Windows 10-based devices. The platform provides a common API for phone, PC, and Xbox One, along with tools and options to tailor your game to each device experience.

Get the developer tools and information you need to start developing for the UWP.

DirectX unites the powerful gaming and multimedia hardware inside every Windows device under a set of common interfaces. With direct access to the hardware, you have the power to delight and impress every customer on every device.

Unity 5 is a robust game engine and development environment supporting C# and JavaScript. With deep customization, intuitive workflows, and highly optimized physically-based rendering, you can make beautiful games fast.

Mobile, social, or hardcore, Azure has your game’s needs covered in the cloud. With Azure, you can rapidly scale up and out in 26 regions across the world, including China. That’s more than Amazon and Google combined.


DirectX 12 enables the performance of a console-like API and is faster and more efficient than ever before. Your game can fully utilize modern graphics hardware and feature enhanced effects, more objects, and richer scenes. Direct3D 12 delivers optimized graphics for Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and Xbox One.

The ID@Xbox program helps qualified game developers self-publish on Windows and Xbox One. If you want to develop for Xbox One or add the power and excitement of Xbox Live—Gamerscore, cross-device multiplayer, achievements, leaderboards, and more—to your Windows 10 game, sign up now with ID@Xbox. Become an ID@Xbox developer to get the tools and support you need to unleash your creativity and maximize your success.

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