Turn Back the Clocks 4

Classics, Console, PC

Turn Back the Clocks 4 game cover

Turn Back the Clocks 4 was originally developed for the 0h (zero hour) Game Jam from 2am to 2am during the winter time change (one hour of real time). I've participated in this jam three previous times, each year making a simple Unity game with different gameplay mechanics. After creating my 2017 game in the first week of November, I thought it was so fun that I wanted to develop it further and make it my Dream Build Play entry.
The objective is to shoot the balls and activate all of the clocks for a perfect bonus score. Activate the clocks quickly to gain a bonus multiplier. Red balls give a 2x bonus and yellow balls give a 5x bonus. Aim for the green slot to activate the bonus wheels for a chance to win more balls. Avoid hitting the mines which will destroy the balls.
The idea for my game was influenced by the game Plinko on the Price is Right game show, as well as the Pachinko machines that I saw when I visited Tokyo, Japan back in 2014. However, Turn Back the Clocks 4 expa...