Publish your Windows game

Imagine: Your game looks great, plays smooth, art is final. You’ve finally fixed that insidious multiplayer bug. Play testers are giving your game rave reviews. You feel the time has come—you’re ready to publish.

Or, maybe you just want to get the beta out.

Before you submit

There are steps you should take prior to game submission to make the process easier and faster. You’ll want to choose your business model and markets, create game icons and promotional images, review policies and the submission process, and package your app to prepare it for submission. Learn more about these steps and how to bring them all together.

Publish your game, reap the rewards

The dashboard is the place you’ll go to submit, publish, and monitor your game’s progress. Use your developer account in the Windows Dev Center dashboard to:

  • Register as a game developer
  • Submit your game to the Windows Store
  • Manage and track your game’s publishing and certification status
  • Promote and distribute your game worldwide
Market, track, and improve

Your game’s journey doesn’t end when you publish. Generating buzz and excitement, fine-tuning look and feel to appeal to your market, thinking strategically about pricing and promotions—these are all steps you can take to get your game noticed and in the hands of more players. Give your game the attention it deserves and you’ll increase its success.

New Opportunities for Independent Developers

ID@Xbox is Microsoft's self-publishing program for independent developers on Xbox. This talk will give developers an overview of how the ID program will work in the future, as well as provide guidance on the opportunities for independent developers across the Microsoft ecosystem.

Watch this GDC 2015 development talk

Publishing your game with Microsoft Studios

Xbox games

Microsoft Studios is a leading publisher of games on Xbox, including Halo, Gears of War, Forza, Fable Journey, Kinectimals, Dance Central, and more. Xbox Games Store, our digital marketplace, publishes hits like State of Decay, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, Limbo, and World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition.

If you’d like to discuss publishing opportunities with Microsoft Studios, contact us at:

Additional Resources:

Windows games

Microsoft Studios publishes top-rated games on the Windows platform that feature Xbox Live integration and connected experiences across Windows devices. As a game developer, you have an amazing opportunity to reach millions of people worldwide who use Windows every day to have fun and be creative and productive. If you’re interested in working with Microsoft Studios to publish your game on Windows, contact us at

MSN web and casual games

The Xbox Live Web Game platform enables distribution of free-to-play web games on and Bing. The platform includes Xbox Live integration and connected experiences across Windows devices, including phones, PCs, and Xbox consoles. If you’re interested in working with Microsoft Studios, contact us at

Learn more

Get started

Downloads, tools, and information you need to start developing your Windows 10 game.

UI Design

User interface basics, design principles, layout guidelines, templates, and more.


A full library of documentation and technical information for Windows 10 development.

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